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Error! . cur­rent­ly cre­ates adver­sar­i­al images against one sin­gle image recog­ni­tion mod­el: Google Incep­tion V.3.

It works best with 299 x 299px images that depict one spe­cif­ic object. Exam­ples below.

As this project pro­gress­es, more image recog­ni­tion mod­els and adver­sar­i­al tech­niques will be added. Learn more…

* Some­times even the orig­i­nal image is not rec­og­nized cor­rect­ly, which is based in the fail­ure rate of Incep­tion V.3 of 22%. More recent ver­sions show low­er orig­i­nal fail­ure rates.


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