AI Portraits

Mau­ro Mar­ti­no and Luca Stor­naiuo­lo (MIT-IBM Wat­son AI Lab) have exper­i­ment­ed with GANs to gen­er­ate por­traits of indi­vid­u­als. Basi­cal­ly you upload your own pho­to and the AI com­pares its fea­tures to the set of images from which it was trained from (faces of actors and actress­es ) and then gen­er­ates a new por­trait.

It sounds like an inter­est­ing experiement, but already ear­ly on we note that this »faces of actors and actress­es« dataset is going to be biased in one or the oth­er way: towards race, towards gen­der or towards cer­tain beau­ty fea­tures which are most com­mon among actors/actresses.

The aim of this project how­ev­er is not clear, even when the authors add some pseu­do-crit­i­cal com­ments to it:

The result is an image that exam­ines the con­cept of iden­ti­ty, push­ing the bound­aries between the indi­vid­ual that rec­og­nizes herself/himself and the col­lec­tion of faces from the soci­ety of spec­ta­cle that are sed­i­ment­ed in the neur­al net­work.


So, the ques­tion remains: what is won through this project?