Deepfake – Video Detection

Press Relaease »SRI’s Spot­ting Audio-Visu­al Incon­sis­ten­cies (SAVI) tech­niques detect tam­pered videos by iden­ti­fy­ing dis­crep­an­cies between the audio and visu­al tracks. For exam­ple, the sys­tem can detect when lip syn­chro­niza­tion is a lit­tle off or if there is an unex­plained visu­al “jerk” in the video. Or it can flag a video as pos­si­bly tam­pered if the visu­al scene is out­doors, but analy­sis of the rever­ber­a­tion prop­er­ties of the audio track indi­cates the record­ing was done in a small room.

This video shows how the SAVI sys­tem detects speak­er incon­sis­ten­cies. First, the sys­tem detects the person’s face, tracks it through­out the video clip, and ver­i­fies it is the same per­son for the entire clip. It then detects when she is like­ly to be speak­ing by track­ing when she is mov­ing her mouth appro­pri­ate­ly. «