Generated Faces

Icons8 prod­uct design­er Kon­stan­tin Zhabin­skiy worked on a project of gen­er­at­ing 100k faces (using GANs) from a total of 29.000 pho­tographs that they pho­tographed in-house. This has the advan­tage of con­sis­tent light­en­ing and being able to pho­to­graph dif­fer­ent angles of the same face.

For the time being they have open sourced a large data-set hop­ing for trak­tion. It can be used for avatar images and such – so if you ever want­ed to pre­tend you look like a mod­el, no wrin­kles, per­fect light­en­ing, sym­met­ric eyes and such, only a few GAN-glitch­es, go ahead and use them for your account.