Surveillance Detection Scout

»Sur­veil­lance Detec­tion Scout is a hard­ware and soft­ware stack that makes use of your Tes­la’s cam­eras to tell you if you’re being fol­lowed in real-time. The name, as you like­ly gath­ered, pays homage to the ever-effec­tive Sur­veil­lance Detec­tion Route. When parked, Scout makes an excel­lent sta­t­ic sur­veil­lance prac­ti­tion­er as well, allow­ing you to run queries and estab­lish pat­terns-of-life on detect­ed per­sons.«

Researcher Tru­man Kain there­fore uses Facenet Image Recog­ni­tion train­ing data and Plugs into Tes­las pub­lic API. For License Plate Recog­ni­tion he uses ALPR. To save the imagery cre­at­ed by the three Tes­la front cam­eras, he uses a soft­ware called Tes­la USB.

Wired-Author Andy Green­berg notes:

»Kain, a con­sul­tant for the secu­ri­ty firm Tevo­ra, also isn’t obliv­i­ous to his cre­ation’s creep fac­tor. He says the Sur­veil­lance Detec­tion Scout demon­strates the kind of sur­veil­lance the data that self-dri­ving cars already col­lect could enable.«

To this presents a use-case where you want to have adver­sar­i­al patch­es on license plates (if that is not for­bid­den by law, because it presents some kind of obfus­ca­tion) and of course wear an adver­sar­i­al t‑shirt of some kind… This case also reminds me of the spec­u­la­tion, that UBER at some point might make their cars more prof­itable, by using them as data col­lec­tion drones.